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Recipe from Chef Jason Brown

Boeuf Bourguignon (serves 4)
Matches perfectly with our new release 2018 Merlot.

Step 1

800g cubed Beef (stewing or brisket)

3 tbsp Flour

2 tbsp Paprika

1 tsp Salt


Heat clarified butter, or olive oil, in a casserole pot until hot. Fry the beef in batches for approx. 5 minutes. Dust with a little flour, then remove from pan and season with paprika, salt and a little pepper. Reduce the heat and remove any excess fat.


Step 2

80g Bacon cubes

500ml Red wine (recommend Elephant Hill Merlot)

1 Onion diced

1 Bay leaf

1 Clove

5 sprigs Thyme

1 tbsp Tomato Puree

3 cloves Garlic crushed

Fry the bacon in the same pan without fat, add diced onion, until browned. Pour in the wine, bring to boil, and reduce by a fifth. Add the bay leaf, clove, thyme, tomato puree and garlic. Return the beef to the pan, cover and simmer over a low heat for approx. 2 hours. Remove the thyme. Enjoy the rest of the bottle of wine while waiting.


Step 3

80g Bacon cubes or strips

250g Button mushrooms, quartered

150g Pearl or Pickling Onions

3 sprigs Thyme

Qtr. tsp Salt


In a separate frying pan, slowly fry the bacon. Quarter the mushrooms. Peel, rinse and drain the onions. Fry both for approx. 10 minutes in the pan and until the bacon is crisp. Finely chop the thyme, add to the pan with salt and pepper. Spread all over the beef stew just before serving.